"FARM EXPERIENCE" TOURS - NO CROWDS, NO STRESS, JUST RELAX!   Our tours are unique because you and your group are the only guests on the farm during your tour scheduled time. You can take your time, relax, ask questions, interact as much or as little as you want with the different animals, take photos and not be rushed. Tour choices and pricing are listed below. Make sure to visit out Gallery page for more photos!

We offer a great "farm experience" for you and your guests at our 90 acre family farm in the beautiful Smithfield Valley of Amenia located in New York's Hudson Valley. Only 2 hours from New York City and 20 minutes from the Metro North Harlem Valley WASSAIC Train Station, it is an easy destination for a day trip. 

Our private tours enable you to "experience" a farm in the country, visit and interact with the farm animals and learn about life on the farm in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. You and your guests will enjoy being the only guest on the farm during your tour, a relaxing experience for those looking to avoid the crowds, pressure and stress of public places. Tours are customized and are suitable for all ages and abilities, small groups, families and friends. Tours go at your pace, no worries about be rushed along or having to follow a strict itinerary. Each experience is truly unique.

Educational, fun and different each season! You can learn as you explore the farm with the farm owner/farmer, ask questions and take photos. Our tours are relaxed and go at your pace, it's like visiting a friend who has a farm!

We offer several different "farm experiences" to suit your interests. All tours are by reservation only, minimum of 2 adults. Weekday tours are available by special request for a minimum of 4 adults. Each child under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult for safety (there must be one adult for each child under 10, for example, 3 children under 10 years old must have 3 adults with them on the tour). Children 18 months and younger are free, children under 5 are half price and children 5 and older are full price per tour.

The Hands-On Farm Experience   New Regular Rate: $45 per person     Approximately 2 Hours                  *New rate of $45 per person (minimum 4 people) and we will include a horse drawn carriage ride! *

Our unique farm experience tour takes you through our green pastures with our Scottish Highland Cattle, a visit to our hen house where you can see fresh eggs in the chicken's nests while the chickens free range all around, you can interact with the baby animals by petting a calf, holding a chick or chicken, petting a horse or pony, you can watch the peaceful honeybees as they come and go from our bee hives and listen to the soothing sound of the stream running through the ravine. Your tour may include bottle feeding a Highland calf, collecting eggs from the nests in the hen house and joining us to feed the pigs and/or the cattle and other chores if you would like. You can bring a snack or lunch to enjoy a relaxing picnic by the stream at your leisure. This tour is a step up from the norm for the real farm fan and is also great for families, grandparents & grandchildren, kids and adults of all ages! Perfect for your guests, family and friends while they are visiting the area and looking for that unique, special hands-on farm experience.

The Farm, Nature & Bird Photography Experience   $75 per person      Approximately 3+ hours   

In addition to the The Farm Visit Tour, you will go on a guided walking tour of our nature trails through meadows & woodlands, by wetlands & ponds and a Hemlock glen where you can photograph wildlife and the many species of wild birds often seen throughout the property. Blinds are available for concealed viewing as well. The Waterman Bird Club has hosted birds walks on our property to view the variety of birds we host, such as Scarlet Tanagers, Indigo Buntings, Pileated Woodpeckers, Great Blue Herons, Barred Owls, Banded Kingfishers, Bald Eagles and many more. This is your own private guided bird walk. Great for the bird enthusiast and makes a great gift as well!

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride   $250 (up to 4 people) 

Approximately a 45 - 60 minute ride on scenic country roads

Come for a scenic horse drawn carriage ride or add a carriage ride to your tour! Enjoy the countryside the old fashioned way....have your children experience the way travel used to be and spend quality time together while 'slowing down' for a lovely ride.

Gift Certificates available - Surprise the farm-lover or bird-lover with a personalized farm experience gift certificate!

For all reservations, please click here to contact us at elkravine@yahoo.com or call (914) 262-4737